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1ha 43a receives the award for 'Best Film on the Topic of Soil 2015' at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival. Thank you Innsbruck!

"Pushing the boundaries of documentary"
Summre Garber, Official Selection 2016, Slamdance Film Festival


slamdance festival 2016

innsbruck nature film festival, documentaries environment, 2015

tassie eco film fest 2015, Tasmanien - honorable mention



12. Nov. 2016, 6:30 pm

Tutti nello stesso piatto - a festival for the sake of knowledge.
Films about food, biodiversity, food sovereignty, environment and sustainable growth.
Teatro Sanbàpolis
Trento, Italy

7. Dec. 2016, 8 pm

Caligari Filmbühne Wiesbaden
Marktplatz 9
Wiesbaden, Germany


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"In autumn 2004 I became a landowner. There had never been any farmers in our family. So during the years that followed I did exactly what my mother, my grandfather and my great-grandfather had done: On 11th of November I checked my bank account for the rent."

With a fine sense of humour and her poetic visions the author undertakes six attempts to approach her property. By trying to get in touch with her field, she submerges deeply in the past, the future and the administration. Following her urg to start a relationship with the land, she tries to establish a physical connection with the field, she is watching her tennant, talks to experts in the administration and is looking for her very future with her parcel. Having in mind a sensible use and a possible yield she comes up with ever new ideas what to do with the field. All resources of this small piece of land are challenged: Real estate, soil characteristics, work, potatoes and wind. During the research she encounters various financial desires but also historic handicraft and her deceased great-grandmother, who takes an interested look at the field as an object of speculation. By comparing traditional approaches with recent behaviour the author slowy developes her knowledge of the daily business in farming, where 2% of the population is feeding the other 98% of it. In the course of a year and through ongoing variations of failure the author unfolds a poetic and personal view on her 1,43 ha of acre.